How will Daxue Consulting’s Consumer Panel in China expand your Chinese consumer understanding?

Daxue Consulting has been managing consumer panels on China’s market for many years, covering most first-tier to third-tier cities and providing in-depth and reliable data for our clients. Our consumer panel in China includes segmentation by:

  • job
  • social class
  • gender
  • geographic areas
  • the main interest
  • main consumption pattern
  • main consumption habits

We offer our clients continuous monitoring and tracking data on purchasing and usage behavior and the underlying drivers behind the data to help you to:

  • Understand consumers in China’s market
  • Assist clients in evaluating brand equity
  • Launching new products
  • Branding/naming/advertisement/retail in China
  • Measure retail performance & the competition
  • Analyze market trends
  • Calculate media efficiency measurements, etc.


Our industry expertise and dedication in China’s market is reflected in the variety of methodologies we operate leveraging our Consumer Panel solution to accurately measure complex markets and categories. The methodologies we apply are as follows:

Daxue’s methodology using its Consumer Panel China:

  • Online surveys: are used to gain a wide variety of information about Chinese consumers. Daxue conducts some online surveys, customer satisfaction surveys in China, administrating questionnaires and recruiting participants on its consumer panel. Our team focuses on customized research, answering the key need of information our clients have, defining specific parameters for participants, and designing questions relevant to efficiently gather data. Once finished, Daxue will provide a full report analyzing and detailing the results.
  • Offline surveys: in a similar vein, are just as effective at gathering a wide range of data from consumers. Daxue will organize a selected sample, create the survey based on your needs, and through a variety of methods such as by telephone, mail (post), personal in-home visits, personal mall or street surveys, and hybrid combinations, we’ll be able to thoroughly collect a massive amount of answers and analysis the data in a way highlighting key finding for your growth opportunity identification in China. This can also be used for customer satisfaction surveys in China.
  • Sensory testing for consumer goods: Daxue’s team utilizes both expert analysis and consumer feedback to assist businesses with evaluating whether their products meet consumers’ preferred sensory characteristics. Our clients will gain a detailed view of consumers’ responses to a tested product and a deeper understanding of that product’s probably competitive value. Your company’s products or services will be tested by Daxue’s analytical experts in our state-of-the-art facilities
  • Focus groups, co-creative workshops: Gathering feedback through these two group-style methods allows for a first-hand experience of consumer’s thoughts. Daxue Consulting manages every step of the discussion setup, from consumer recruitment, designing the questions and surveys, to focus group analysis.
  • Billboard method research: Similar to a focus group, this style of gathering consumer feedback takes place online in a forum-based platform with around 12-15 people. Over a period of around five days, conversations will take place concerning our client’s products or services; with the advantage being that participants are free to discuss what they want, at any time.
  • Usability testing is a way to test and validate the relevancy of a website, mobile APP or digital tool design for the consumer usage. It includes navigation, identification by the user of key information, ergonomic and pleasure related to the visit. Participants are asked to complete tasks, while they are being observed by a researcher, to see where they encounter problems and experience confusion. Daxue can assist you with identifying changes required to improve user performance and analyze the performance to see if it meets your usability objectives

We elevate your product and service in the eyes of consumers by connecting you with the consumer and market. With China’s population size and the continuously rising spending capacity among consumer groups, the Chinese market has to surpass its role as a mere production location and position itself among the most sought after consumer markets worldwide. It is crucial to better understand these consumers and provide them with the most customized and adapted offers in the market.

Daxue Consulting’s Consumer Panel China gathers the best database of representative users in China to evaluate:

  • Your position on a particular market
  • Your performance
  • Your brand awareness and brand equity
  • Your market size
  • Your market’s trends
  • And any driver of growth on your market

What is the purpose of a consumer panel in China?

Consumer panel services represent a sample of individuals; usually, household consumers, whose purchases, product usage, and media consumption are recorded over a period and provide information on their purchases.

Consulting agencies are using this market research method to collect data repeatedly from a representative sample of a defined survey population. The data is typically behavioral rather than attitudinal and provides a much more accurate measurement of changes over time through replicated measurements on the same respondents.

Why consumers opinion in the key?

Technology is revolutionizing choice, and the choice is transforming the marketplace. As a result, we have been witnessing the emergence and development of a new marketing paradigm, not “do more” marketing that only turns up the volume on the sales spiels of the past, but a more knowledge and experience-based style of marketing. The market now belongs to consumers. In the world of promoting business, reaching out to people, and being able to provide a product or service that people like, a consumer panel service in China is crucial to gathering responses, insights, and consumer opinions for further analysis. It can also be interesting to not only question consumers, but also your own customers through customer satisfaction surveys in China. For more information about customer satisfaction surveys in China, click here.


Why use Consumer Panel China?

Using consumer panels to collect feedback and analyzing what people think of your business and commodities is vital to understanding your consumers’ needs. Daxue helps you translate consumer insights into forming a better business.We help you to tap into new ideas from the consumers’ minds to better serve your customers and understand the market.

Using a consumer panel service to gather customers’ feedback is safe, anonymous, private, and cheaper that other alternatives. It produces accurate results, and the selected audience size is controllable – ranging from very few to a bigger audience.

Why Daxue Consulting’s Consumer Panel is a crucial opportunity for your understanding of your Chinese target

At Daxue, we understand that businesses have a need for research to improve their business.With our client’s needs in mind, we are experts in using consumer panels to not only obtain beneficial data from consumers but also the ability to analyze and then present it in a meaningful and usable way.

Consumer panels are beneficial to our clients because we can select the audience criteria, the number of responses they need, and processes that are best tailored towards the client’s objectives. Consumer panels are usually simple to set up, and information can be collected in a matter of days. Daxue’s primary goal is to assist those we work with, and with our multitude of experience with Consumer Panels, we look forward to serving you and your business in China.

Know the Chinese consumers, win the market.

For all the services listed above, daxue consulting has developed the resources and research network to provide them throughout China + Hong Kong and Taiwan. Although based in Shanghai, Beijing and Hong Kong, we are used to travel in China for our clients and know very well the specificities of each area of the country. We therefore work in the following cities:

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