What are expert interviews in China?

An expert interview is when we interview an expert in his or her field for the purpose of understanding the industry. An expert interview can be a group interview or a one-on-one. It can be conducted formally or informally over the telephone, by email, or in person. An expert interview can also be an in-depth interview (IDI).

For market research, an expert interview is an exploratory research technique used to gather specific information in order to solve a particular problem. Such information is also known as primary data.

Conducting an expert interview will facilitate the research with more specific information about a particular area of study. By determining who the experts are, preparing both interviewer and the interviewee, and following a set of instructional guidelines, the interviews will be more effective and return greater results.

As a researcher, it is crucial to determine who, in the area you are researching, is an expert. An expert should have an extensive amount of knowledge, experience, and ability in his or her particular area of study or professional field. An expert can be determined by identifying certain characteristics, such as credibility and credentials. Credibility is the reliability of the person and his or her information, and credentials are tangible evidence that proves the experts’ skills.

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The purpose of expert interviews in China

Expert interviews in China is only an initial part of a market research project. Expert interviews in China can be used as a solution proposal and guide for our clients’ problems. For example, if we were to prepare for a competitor analysis for our client, we will pursue to understand from industrial experts on how the competitors resolve similar cases and valuable experience they have gained. Expert interviews in China can also be used to gain knowledge on a specific area such as online and offline distribution assessment. Through in-depth expert interview, we can help our clients tap into experts’ knowledge and experience to guide clients on certain issues such as operational strategy and resource allocation issues.

How to conduct expert interviews in China?

For an expert interview in China, the interviewer will prepare the questionnaire for the selected experts to answer. It usually will allow time for the experts to prepare accordingly before the actual interview. The actual in-depth interviews will last for about 60 minutes to address all queries the interviewer wants to know.

There are two ways to find the experts for in-depth interview: either market researcher will search for reliable candidates through personal reference or network, social media network platforms such as LinkedIn or through a third party agency such as guidepoint, capvision, GLG. In both ways, market researcher will screen through the potential candidates diligently and selectively for the most productive in-depth interview.

Challenges to conducting expert interviews in China

Sometimes the selected expert might not be willing to share specific knowledge. In such cases, the market researcher will need to differentiate the true from the false information using knowledge from research done prior to the interviews.

The market researcher will also conduct live interviews from time to time. It can be challenging when the interviewees strongly disagree or have a strong curiosity to our client’s product. Occasionally,  experts will start to ask questions about our client’s product, transforming an interview into a two-way discussion. It would also be challenging for researchers to include such on-site feedback and body language into the project report. Daxue consulting’s project managers and researchers have are prepared to professionally handle the challenges that may arise during expert interview. Client information will be protected during the process.

Expert interviews can be conducted all over China, including Shanghai, Beijing, Tianjin, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, and even smaller cities around China. Daxue consulting will gladly incorporate expert interviews into your China market research project; contact our project team at dx@daxueconsulting.com