Does your company want to do learning expedition in China?

To meet your specific business goals, Daxue Consulting designs and facilitates exploratory travel and learning expedition in China for enterprises who want to learn more about this very specific market.

Why should your company do exploratory travel in China?

We can organize learning expeditions in China to empower top executives and organizations to meet specific China goals, for example:

Do you have China business questions that you are itching to have answered?

Daxue Consulting’s learning expeditions in China could help you answer these key questions:

• How to get a larger image of the prospects of my top management?

• How to increase accountability for my entire team?

• What are the fresh methods of operating and different approaches to development?

• What are my industry’s new improvements and techniques?
•  What are the differences that affect my entry into the Chinese market?

Why choose Daxue Consulting?


Through Daxue’s China network, connect your business with inspirational Chinese innovators – VCs, public organizations, universities, digital specialists, active communities, start-ups, and innovative corporations. Gain the relevant information from these learning expeditions in China by listening to their perspectives and fines methods.


Daxue Consulting provides result-oriented guidance to your business from all aspects. Our expectations are your company’s success.


Our professional consultants share China industry insights by providing exploratory travels in China, workshops and reflection sessions all catered to your business needs.


We believe that the investigation at the local level is the best way to obtain first-hand information. Through our personal experience in China, you and your team will have more practical ideas for future planning.

learning expedition in China

How does Daxue’s learning expedition in China work?


Talk to experts, discover the recent data and insights on the industry, connect to the latest technology and comprehension all on the ground.


Personalized service to help you better position your brand and products in China’s market.


We will prepare all the information and documents that you need to for your learning expedition in China.


We arrange various activities during your exploratory travel in China, starting from the facts, conducting in-depth analysis reflection, and communicating projects.

If you have any question about our methods or if you want to organize a learning expedition in China, you can contact our China consultants.