Mystery shopping in China: Nationwide Reach with One Agency

At daxue consulting, we have the means to oversee research happening in every part of China, eliminating the need for our clients to deal with multiple agents at once. We use cutting-edge data gathering, analysis, aggregation methods, and software to funnel digital and physical data gathered across China into a single actionable report for our clients.

Daxue consulting uses various methodologies for mystery shopping in China:


How’s your China storefront?

Sometimes it’s difficult to tell in a market as dynamic and opaque as China’s. Often, a simple solution is the best way to deal with a complicated business. Mystery shopping in China is one of the best research methodologies for the China market, and Daxue Consulting has dedicated itself to offering the most cutting-edge mystery shopping in China.

Daxue Consulting has been conducting mystery shopping projects for years in the service, retail, and supermarket sectors for companies all over China, from Beijing, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Chongqing, and much more. These studies all aim at checking that the processes you designed for the market are in place and working well and that employees are providing the best customer service they can. But unlike other agencies who roll out their standard mystery shopping procedure to address every client, at Daxue Consulting, we reexamine the method every time to see if there’s a way we can fine-tune it for our clients’ specific needs.

Do you need a large amount of easy-to-gather data, like how many employees are present when a shopper enters?

Daxue Consulting’s nationwide network allows us to quickly mobilize research teams of any size in any city in China, keeping costs down by selecting researchers that match the demands of the investigation.

Do you need an in-depth store study with very specific questions in just one city, like key obstacles to shopping flow in high-street Shanghai shops?

Daxue Consulting can offer researchers with graduate-level educations and experience in field research, who can conduct professional and insightful mystery shopping checks in highly select locations.

Do you need both?

At daxue consulting, we can scale our projects to match diverse needs while still presenting the data (and our recommendations) in a comprehensive and holistic report. China is all about finding new ways to conduct business. At Daxue Consulting, we believe market research should be done the same way.

Case study: A customer in the Furniture industry needs mystery shopping in China

Our client is a lifestyle furniture company from Singapore that creates real value for customers by providing products of the highest design and quality standards. They have 18 stand-alone stores in mainland China and would like to monitor its stores in the country, wanting the deep insight of the quality of their stores.


We helped implement mystery shopping in China in all our client’s retail stores in the country. Our role was to recruit potential shoppers in every city to help gather feedback by having them fill a questionnaire describing their visit. A hundred visits were organized, which allowed us to evaluate the performance of the company in China, by knowing the quality of its shops and its services.


What do we look for in our mystery shoppers in China?

To be successful, mystery shoppers need to be good at some different things. Mystery shopping in China isn’t an ideal strategy for everyone, but for our clients that choose this service, we make they receive the best experience possible. Having said that, there are many skills and characteristics we look for when recruiting our mystery shoppers in China:


Mystery shopping in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and more

For all the services listed above, daxue consulting has developed the resources and research network to provide them throughout China + Hong Kong and Taiwan. Although based in Shanghai, Beijing and Hong Kong, we are used to travel in China for our clients and know very well the specificities of each area of the country. We therefore work in the following cities:

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