Data collection is an important aspect of market research. With recent advances in technology, the research, analysis, and delivery of data has never been easier. We are continuously researching China’s tech landscape to give the most accurate tech consulting in China’s rapidly changing tech ecosystem.

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Using tech in China market research

Daxue Tech utilizes a number of tech-assisted research methodologies. Our technology allows our consulting team in China can perform a high volume of tests and obtain clearer and more precise results. Our Tech-Driven Research has created many more options for our clients and has made data a lot more accessible and easier to read.

With this efficiency, technology has allowed Daxue Tech to seamlessly integrate both quantitative and qualitative analysis to provide you with the best China Technology Consulting Services. The ultimate impact is being able to develop business insight faster and more comprehensively than previously possible.

China Tech Consulting

Utilizing the most powerful technological advances in market research, Daxue Tech is able to integrate multiple data sources, as well as combine motivational-emotional data with passively collected data from sources such as social media or other digital data in China. This trend in market research is ever-evolving and Daxue Consulting, as a China tech consulting firm, is continually using tech for new data inputs and developing models that assist in the creation of more meaningful insights and viable applications.

Daxue Consulting has state of the art facilities with all of the most recent techs to support our research. We also employ some skilled professionals with expertise in a variety of areas to carry out this research. Daxue is committed to being at the forefront of using tech-assisted analysis to help your business or company achieve its greatest potential in China.

China Technology Consulting Services
[China Technology Consulting Services]

China Technology Consulting Services

Below are some of the different methodologies that tech has enabled us to perform:

These tech-assisted methodologies, combined with our cutting-edge market research methodologies, clients are guaranteed to be presented with the most up to date, and relevant information for their China needs. Daxue consulting is at the forefront of China tech consulting firms utilizing tech in a variety of ways to gain a better understanding of Chinese consumer patterns, products & services, brand marketing, and consumer feed-back. Daxue consulting has all the capabilities to manage any research or analysis that you might require. Technology is an important part of this research, and we look forward to helping your business grow in China.

Tech consulting in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and more

Daxue consulting has developed the resources and research network to provide them throughout mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Although based in Shanghai, Beijing and Hong Kong, we can carry out research anywhere in China for our clients. We are familiar with the specificities of each area of the country. We can conduct research in the following cities:

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