As opposed to the usual invitro surveys which are done outside the shop, in vivo studies allow you to gather information within the context of shopping. Daxue Consulting strongly believe that there are some questions that can only be fully addressed by looking at them in them in the context of buying process. Therefore, Daxue’s team developed its In vivo research solution, adapted to the China market, to always more fit to our client’s need and expectation.

In vivo research are crucial in China

In vivo research in China

In vivo research in China consists of in-store fieldwork and behavioral analysis. Stores are the place where the buying decision process is made most of the time and we strongly believe that it is the best place to gather relevant and reliable information about customer behave and purchase criteria. In vivo research is an innovative methodology which can lead you to take substantial competitive advantage by collecting information that your competitors might not have.

Declarative data or behavioral research is not sufficient to get reliable and deep results. In vivo research in China is particularly useful and valuable for survey on merchandising, but also on purchase criteria or consumer research.

Daxue Consulting offers a specific methodology of In vivo research in China

Daxue Consulting is seen for many years as an expert on mystery shopping and store check in China. The team has a strong experience of in-store methodologies. Indeed, Daxue Consulting can manage In Vivo research in China with a large network of efficient, professional and discreet in-store fieldwork teams.

We have designed a specifically adapted to Chinese market methodology to provide reliable information and to assess new product launch, in-store marketing activation, merchandising or eye-tracking experience. All our project are specifically customized to fit with your needs and expectations.

Then Daxue Consulting uses its China market expertise and provides useful recommendation.


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