China’s foreign trade and investment policies have appeared more attractive in recent years to many corporations. The huge market potential and rapid growth represent an opportunity companies can’t ignore. Research shows that it is the limited knowledge about China that is the largest barrier to international companies. Daxue Consulting Distribution & supplier screening China service is here to help managers to make the decision concerning which supplier and distribution to select with precise evaluation criteria.

Distribution & supplier screening China: evaluating with objective criteria

Finding accurate data concerning distribution and supplier in China has become nearly impossible. Daxue CDistribution Supplier Screening Chinaonsulting has the capacity of screening in China with the help of our nationwide reach network involving main actors of universities, industries, and cities. While your corporation can concentrate on its core initiatives, our Distribution & supplier screening China service can manage your operational arrival in China, according to a comprehensive segmentation of suppliers. Daxue Consulting ensures information and control over suppliers and distribution are increased and communication facilitated with the help of direct email channels.

By opting for the scanning service, you will access to a personalized team of experts build to answer your needs in China, within the relevant time frame. Daxue offers low cost and efficient service thanks to its impressive flexibility and responsive capacity.

Also, your performance and corporate objectives are supported by our extensive classified on-going database and by avoiding any time-consuming screening programs. Daxue can perform searches upon any criteria such as based on product, service category, business size or status. The Distribution & supplier screening China service can compare each potential partner and determine which ones meet your company policy.


Daxue Consulting is operating in the world’s fastest changing environment displayed in China where an intensely competitive economy is created. It is crucial to maintaining updated information to at least survive the competition. Developing a business with existing suppliers and building the strong relationship is essential, but top performance and competitive advantage can only be reached by discovering new suppliers with the capacity of delivering increased efficiency.

Selecting your supplier in China according to customer needs

In opposition with Western industrialized countries, Chinese service responsiveness of a vendor isn’t always guarantied. This type of difference can mislead corporations. The criteria the most frequently used in distribution and vendor selections are operation scale, financial position, reputation, sales volume and growth, warehousing and transportation capability.

Daxue Consulting also verifies the disclosed information accuracy to avoid supplier non-performances (late delivery, non-delivery, or delivery of faulty goods). The purchasing managers are advised to confirm supplier’s qualifications before suggesting a contract, make reference check by inquiring about current clients issues, test the supplier financial status and free of fines to stay away from bankrupting companies.

The Distribution & supplier screening China service delivered by Daxue Consulting solves the difficulty of measuring a provider quality in China, especially when high-quality goods are needed. Chinese certifications tend to be ambiguous. Certification documents are often unclear or can be falsified. To measure a level of quality, analyzing the supplier policies, procedures and training level of employees enable to get an idea of the capacities of the supplier. This can be costly and time-consuming but essential for good future business development.

To select correctly, testing and demanding for samples to then verify the conformance with the demand can save a lot of time. By measuring the ability to meet specifications, costs can be kept at a low level. Visiting the facilities may reveal large problems in the worker and engineers. Their knowledge of the product enables their adaptability.

The management of supplier risk after initial verification of significant amount of distribution and suppliers and keeping the information on going makes certain companies carry out the right decisions. The lack of information concerning this elemental choice can put the entire corporation viability in danger or lead to inefficient chain value. The knowledge delivered by Daxue Consulting Distribution & supplier screening China proactivity must be considered vigorously since knowledge can be key to success in an extremely fast growing market.

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