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Why should a brand seek consultation from a China marketing agency like daxue consulting when drafting a China market strategy?

Brands should not make the mistake of believing China is just like any other market in the world. Even what is considered ‘common sense’ in other countries may turn out to be completely false in China. In fact, Chinese markets change at such an incredible pace, a China market strategy should be backed with recent and specially catered research. Succeeding in any chosen Chinese market is possible with the coming together of China-focused expertise, China market experience, and qualitative and quantitative insights. Daxue consulting is a China marketing agency that has proven expertise in many Chinese markets, experience in satisfying over 300 international clients, all rooted in data collected from traditional and new research methods.

Global reputation for China marketing expertise

Daxue consulting China marketing agency has built its reputation around the world by working with some of the most influential multinational corporations such as Samsung, Audi, and Carrefour. Our China-based marketing agency is specialized in creating innovative ideas adapted to our client’s precise demand. When it comes to advertising in China, APPs, prints, radio, television, social media and the internet are exploited to impact the Chinese consumer segment of your choice. The strength of daxue consulting relies on its geographical and cultural specialization for the Chinese market, targeting specific groups, cities, and regions all over China. We have operated our China marketing efforts not only in Beijing, Shanghai but also in most of China’s top 50 cities.

As a competitive marketing agency in Beijing and Shanghai, can deliver trustworthy, reliable, and adapted services and offer advertising campaigns suitable for the Chinese market. Teams are systematically tailored and involve Daxue Consulting’s network of contacts across China, to reach maximum efficiency and satisfaction of clients. We have a marketing agency in Beijing and Shanghai and can, of course, meet you all around China.

Marketing agency in Beijing
[Marketing agency in Beijing, Shanghai and all around China]

Building tailored China marketing campaigns

Daxue consulting provides the tailor made, research based, marketing strategies for clients seeking to enter or promote their products in China. We adapt to needs, requirements, and corporate working methods of our clients. Our approach to work and advertising demands systematic and careful analysis and regular feedback from our clients.

Thus working with a marketing agency in China such as Daxue Consulting which is specialized in commercialization in China empowers customers in all aspects.Our expertise of the Chinese market is precious and increases customer knowledge of their environment. We ensure proper actions are undertaken with optimal positioning for revenues and brand recognition to be lifted at a fast pace.

Marketing agency in Beijing and Shanghai: Overcoming China’s market challenges

Our marketing agency in China is keeps up with China’s rapid market changes with on-going research, and keeps up with the demands of clients through responsiveness and updates.

Another important challenge faced by marketing agencies is that China is a single large unified economy but composed of 29 different provinces. Each province has different peoples, dialects, and customs, resulting to various preferences for brands, tastes, and expectations. An added layer is the different levels of city size and development in China. Customizing and segmenting those characteristics according to your objectives is our core of expertise.

Marketing agency China: Guiding to success

While developing or strengthening clients’ strategy for marketing in China, we value and consider long-term relationships based in trust and communication. Daxue consulting is determined to guide clients to market success in China through data-oriented knowledge and expert strategy during China’s constant economic development and market transformation.

Make the new economic China Paradigm positive leverage for your business

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