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Daxue Consulting regularly conducts marketing research in China based on our latest data and information. Marketing research projects can be realized in first-tier cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Tianjin, Shenzhen as well as second-tier cities, such as Dalian, Harbin, Xiamen, Xi’an, etc. Our topics of research include U&A, brand equity, consumer research as well as in-store optimization. These research projects aim to provide our customers with a comprehensive and uncluttered vision of how to optimize sales strategies, as well as access to distribution networks in China. Project managers provide up-to-date operational recommendations tailored for each client’s unique and specific needs.

Daxue Consulting uses the most efficient methodologies for marketing research in China

To conduct marketing research in China, Daxue Consulting employs various methodologies:Daxue Consulting_Marketing China

  • Daxue Consulting benefits from a strong network with the best universities in China. This allows the firm to secure essential qualitative data by conducting valuable, reliable focus groups, face-to-face interviews with professionals and gather information from experts in the field.
  • Daxue Consulting’s contact network covers all of China. This allows the firm to provide complete fieldwork implementation and to ensure the best service for quantitative surveys in China. Daxue’s team of data analysts then provide the crucial findings that clients need to succeed.
  • Daxue Consulting has partnerships with the most innovative and effective technological firms in China. This allows the firm to offer the most innovative and cost-efficient marketing research service in China. In particular, Daxue Consulting is a leader in methodologies related to in-store information gatherings such as store checks and mystery shopping.


Delivery of Daxue Consulting for a marketing research in China

Daxue Consulting’s team is driven by a desire to provide the most useful information, helping clients make the best decisions when adapting and applying their solutions in China. Our team likes to work with our client’s staff before the launch of a marketing research project so we can select and design the best methodologies for their particular objectives. It is the most important part of the project, establishing a clear goal and area of investigation which ensures a smooth and efficient start to the whole endeavor. During the questionnaire design and the fieldwork phases, we like to keep our clients up-to-date with the latest news on the project. Our expertise and experience with these projects mean we can take the initiative to deliver well-founded solutions in line with a client’s expectations. As the research phase concludes, our team of experienced analysts will provide our client with the key findings and the main survey results. As our goal is not to only present statistical data but to assist in designing a client’s strategy for China, our report is completed with actionable recommendations based on our experience in the China market. Towards the end of a project, we continue working with a client’s staff to design the final decision and the key drivers according to the results of the project.

 Daxue Consulting has strong reference in marketing research in China

Daxue Consulting recently realized the following market research projects:

  • For a textile company, an analysis of competitors with their marketing strategy,
  • For a company of music equipment, an analysis of marketing strategies among upscale competitors and players in the West,
  • For an industrial company, a research on the deals in the last 3 years in their industry.

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