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Business Intelligence China helps you extract the most value from the vast amount of the data your company produces. It also offers you the possibility to aggregate data relevant to your business that lives outside your business (stock market data, weather forecast, social website trends, etc.), giving you unique insights to outsmart your competition and help you to improve your operations. Daxue Consulting can advise, build, deploy, and maintain Business Intelligence Solutions for your business. Daxue is here to help you identify and analyze the set of strategies, processes, applications, data, technologies, and technical architectures which are used to support the collection, analysis, presentation and dissemination of your business. Our services provide historical, current, and predictive views of your business operations.

Daxue Consulting can advise, build, deploy and maintain Business Intelligence Solutions for your business intelligence China.

Daxue Consulting works on all the elements of a market intelligence framework

  • Business Intelligence: This is the broadest category and encompasses the other three terms. BI is data-driven decision-making. It includes the generation, aggregation, analysis, and visualization of data to inform and facilitate business management and to strategize. BI, therefore, is not strictly technological; it involves the processes and procedures that support data collection, sharing, and reporting, all in the service of making better decisions
  • Analytics: This includes all the ways you can break down the data, assess trends over time, and compare one sector or measurement to another. It can also include the various ways the data is visualized to make the trends and relationships intuitive at a glance. If BI is about making decisions, analytics is about asking questions. Analytics is the data crunching, question-answering phase leading up to the decision-making phase in the overall Business Intelligence process
  • Big Data: This is the technology that stores and processes data from sources both internal and external to your company. Big Data usually refers to the immense volumes of data available online and in the cloud, which requires ever more computing power to gather and analyze. Because the sources are so diverse, the data is often completely raw and unstructured. Big Data is the library you visit when the information to answer your questions isn’t readily at hand
  • Data Mining: This helps you to find answers you didn’t know you were looking for beforehand. Data Mining is the practice of sifting through all the evidence in search of previously unrecognized patterns. Data Mining probably fits within the category of analytics, but most analytics is based on data from systems set up to track known KPIs, which usually involves more measuring than mining.

Actionable Analytics for Business People

Daxue Consulting utilizes a tailored dashboard and data visualization tools to help make the information meaningful and actionable. Your Analytics Dashboard can be designed to alert you (by email, SMS, Twitter, Weibo, etc.) when certain conditions arise. It can be made dynamic and used in real-time, so you can display it for all employees in open spaces, or even made programmable for your marketing and executive teams to process more advanced queries.

Daxue Consulting’s Business Intelligence Methodologies

There are several ways that can we help you find out more about your business in China.  Common functions of business intelligence technologies are:

  • Reporting
  • Online analytical processing
  • Process mining
  • Analytics
  • Data mining
  • Business performance management
  • Text mining
  • Benchmarking
  • Predictive analytics

Daxue is capable of handling large amounts of structured and sometimes unstructured data to help identify, develop, and ultimately create new strategic business opportunities.


 Daxue Consulting manages all the step of the business intelligence process

The need for reliable information about your business is crucial, especially when dealing with data collection and data analysis. Our role as a business consultant and technical service provider particularly through our continued support in the following areas:

  • Requirements analysis and project management
  • Development of concepts for data processing and BI-portals
  • Tool evaluation and selection of suitable software products
  • Implementation of ETL-processes
  • Data visualization using meaningful reports
  • Setup of test environments and test execution
  • Optimization of existing BI-applications

Making sense of the sparse and unstructured data

Business Intelligence (BI) solutions work in 3 major steps all involving different skills and tools:

  1. The very first step consists of extracting the data from their original repository, transforming it into a format more machine-readable, and finally storing it in the central BI database, called Data Warehouse
  2. Secondly, in the Data Warehouse, the data is enriched and completed with other data relevant to our client’s needs
  3. The 3rd and last step are an Analytics System that reads the Data Warehouse and presents you with meaningful and actionable graphs, tables and summary. This three measures loop can be made to work incredibly fast to have the dashboard reporting information in real-time.

Some Business Intelligence China References by Daxue Consulting

Daxue Consulting delivers the following solutions for portfolio companies:

  • For marketing and advertisement company, a real-time monitoring dashboard summarizing the social impact of their marketing campaigns
  • For a food transportation company, an analysis of its worst and best delivery performances to understand what causes the disparities in results
  • For an internet e-commerce company, an analysis of its users’ click-rate and behavior to know where to best position featured products and make users stay longer on their site

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